The 5 Finest Nail Polish Art Concepts to Make Short, Stubby Nails Look Longer Review 2019

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Don’t think you have the real estate to shake one of those fresh styles you’ve seen on Instagram? We plead to differ. Whether you have naturally (ahem) small nail beds or prefer to maintain your tips clean and also clipped, here are 11 ways to subtly enhance them.


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Whereas a full-on neon claw could make your nails resemble, well, Day-Glo Chiclets, sampling some bright tones utilising great lines includes a great summery twist that’s still raised.


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Add small details to catch the eye, however, limit their placement to the edges of your nails, so they do not look messy. Bonus offer points if you make use of neutral tones, which have a lengthening impact.


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Straight lines give the impression of length. Two-toned lines offer significant style.


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For the creative collection: Graphic shapes lined to the outer edges of your nails will give them a contemporary upgrade without being as well overwhelming on the eyes.