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Introducing I am Dolores Bowman. I am 28 years old working as an ordinary employee in Beauty Company.

The blog I started mostly because there have always been some questions asking for useful tips to use different cosmetics and make up that I knew, so I thought I could share as much as possible so that everyone could enjoy it and be inspired for their cosmetics, just as I am inspired by reading blogs from the celestialcosmetics about Beauty and Cosmetics Blog.

I have always enjoyed trying new things and being a pretty nerdy, so it has always been a good idea to try out new Cosmetic Products, while at the same time being very aware of what and how the cosmetics products and beauty things.

We need to focus more on the creative and innovative about Beauty and Cosmetics things. It has become a bit of a mission for me to show that it is not an opposition to classical professionalism, but that it can enhance the professionalism, especially in the field of Beauty.

Also, I am interested in writing about Photography and Printing. I believe that Beauty and Cosmetics things are related to photography and Printing. So, besides talking about Beauty & Cosmetics, you can also speak to me about Photography and Printing. I would love to read your comment on the articles I have written.